Sunday, September 25, 2011

OWH Birthday Bash - CASE Charlsie S.

The challenge was to CASE one of the cards created by Charlsie S.  She made some really beautiful cards!

Friday, September 23, 2011

OWH Birthday Bash - May Arts Challenge

May Arts is giving away some deLISHious ribbon as a prize to this challenge!!  We had to make a card using a Christmas theme with ribbon!!  I scored this beautiful ribbon from my friend Ann in a Scrap to Treasure on Facebook.  I thought it came out great!  Thanks for stopping!!  I'm keeping my fingers crossed.....I hope, I hope, I hope my name gets picked to win that gorgeous ribbon!!  I don't have any May Arts ribbon!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

OWH VCMP - Challenge 11 - Keep it Simple

This challenge was to make a clean and simple card.  I struggle with these but I like the way this one came out.

OWH VCMP - Challenge 10 - Autumn Patriots

The challenge was to make a card using a beautiful selection of four different colors.  We also had to make the card so it could be sent at anytime, not just necessairly in fall.  This card was hard for me. 

OWH VCMP - Challenge 9 - Sketch #86

The challenge was to make an Any Hero card using the new sketch.

OWH VCMP - Challenge 7 - Nontraditional Valentine

The challenge was to make a nontraditional valentine.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

OWH - Birthday Bash 2011 - Sketch 85

The challenge was to create a card using this new sketch.  I love the sketches because they really challenge you to think outside your comfort zone.  This birthday bash has been so much fun!!

OWH VCMP - Challenge 5 - Falling for You

This challenge was to make a card depicting what "Falling for You" means to you.  I choose something simple of leaves falling but its what's "carved" in the tree that reminds me of me "falling" for my husband or a hero "falling" for their spouse or significant other.  I think its so romantic for someone to carve your names in a tree...whenever I see that in a tree when I'm out hiking, it really makes me stop and smile.  It makes me hope that those two people are together and still in love.

OWH VCMP - Challenge 4 - Pick a Number

The challenge was to pick a number and find the correspondening sketch from the OWH S&S.  I asked my husband to choose the number.  He choose "3" for Dale Earnharndt (He's a diehard NASCAR fan!!).  So here is my sketch.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

OWH VCMP - Challenge 3 - Unique Christmas

This was a hard one.  I combined some unusual colors with some traditional colors.  I also did my first try at some chalking.  That was really cool!  I love this digi!!

OWH VCMP - Challenge 2 - Celebrate Nature

I love this card!  It came out so much cuter then I had originally planned!

OWH VCMP - Challenge 1 - Garanimals

OWH is having a Virtual Card Making Party!  They had one over the 4th of July weekend and it was so much fun.  I love it!  It just gives me another reason to make more cards for our heroes to send home!!  Here's my card for the Garanimal challenge!!

Friday, September 9, 2011

OWH Birthday Bash 2011 - Day 8 - I'm So Grateful

Today's challenge was to make an Any Hero card thanking our deployed heroes for all their hard work, sacrifices, commitment and dedication.  I absolutely love this card!  I have had quite a few people ask me to duplicate it for them.  The funny part is I'm not too sure how I came up with this idea because I don't even drink coffee!  Although I'm sure our heroes drink plenty to keep them going!

OWH Birthday Bash 2011 - Day 7 - Autumn

Today's challenge was to create an autumn themed card for our heroes to send home to their family.  Its hard to think that autumn is right around the corner when we are just getting a real taste of summer in our neck of the woods.  Not to mention, when you know autumn is close, then you know that Christmas is around the corner and I surely don't want to EVEN think about that yet!!  Have a great day!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

OWH Birthday Bash - Day 4 - Miss You/Love You

Today's challenge is being sponsored by Inspired Stamps.  We were ask to make a Miss You or Love You card.  I made this card with a little one in mind.  I found this ribbon a long time ago at Walmart and wish I would have bought more because I think its awesome!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

OWH Birthday Bash 2011: Day 3 - We R Keeping an Eye on You!!

Day 3 of OWH's Birthday Bash which is being sponsored by We R Memory Keepers.  The challenge was to make a card using eyelets (or brads)...both of which are a challenge for me!  I either rip the paper or the smash the eyelet and/or brad to a pancake.  However, I took a chance because I really wanted to try and win the prize.  Not only do you get to get your creative mind going and make a card for some lucky hero to send home to their family, you also have a chance to win a "Cropadile Kit" donated by We R Memory Keepers!!  How awesome is that!!  That is one tool that I could definitely benefit from!  I managed to make this card with not one, not two but four brads!  Quite an accomplishment for me!  Thanks for stopping by and have a great Labor Day weekend!  I'm loving these challenges and I'm off to an OWH Birthday Bash tomorrow at East Woods Presbyterian Church!!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

OWH Birthday Bash 2011 Day 2-CASE

Ardeth T. from Glendale, AZ is the featured cardmaker on the OWH Stars and Stamps blog this week.  For the challenge, we were asked to CASE one of Ardeth's beautiful cards.  I found her cards to be so elegant.  Here is my version of one of her cards.  Have a great Labor Day weekend!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

OWH Sketch #83

I loved this sketch!!  I had so much fun with it that I think I'm going to make some more cards with it.  I found it easy to make a great masculine card with it.  It was a quick and easy sketch once you figured out which papers to go with.  I didn't add a sentiment because I thought the person could use it for any occasion they wanted to.

Clean and Simple Cards (CAS)

Operation Write Home did a "CAS" (Clean and Simple) Blog Skip this weekend.  After skipping through all the blogs and viewing the beautiful cards they made, I decided to make a few of my own.  They are not as simple as they may seem.  They require a lot more pre-planning of which paper and sentiment to use and also not to "over bling them"!!

Here are what I came up with.....

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dog-gone Proud!!

Made this card for an OWH K-9 challenge in honor of Private Ciara!!  I think it makes a perfect Any Hero card!  Let me know what you think.  Thanks for stopping by!!

Fantabulous Cricut Challenge - Friends

I made another card for the challenge.  I think its simple and sweet.  I love challenges.  It really gets the brain working.  I've been busy making cards for OWH and this will be the perfect card to add to the batch.  The best thing about the challenges is that I get to do what I love and then get to send it to someone special!!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fantabulous Cricut Challenge

I stumbled across an awesome blog...Fantabulous Cricut.  Since my Cricut and I have been joined at the hip since I got it, I decided to do their challenge and then I can give the card to OWH.  I only have a handful of cartridges with "food" items, which means I need more!  Not too sure where I would put more craft stuff since I don't have a dedicated craft could say I have dedicated "spaces" throughout the house and a good portion of my family room.  Although I must admit, its harder to focus on getting the household chores done when I have so many craft items calling my name!!
The picture of the watermelon is from the Doodlecharms cartridge and the wording is from the Wild Card cartridge.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Mailed my first box of cards to Sandy, my OWH shipper!!  It was such an amazing feeling to make cards for members of our military to send home to their families!!  I was also able to connect with some local ladies who are also contributors to OWH.  My first box only had 38 cards in it, but not bad for this month considering all I have going on.  I have already started making some more and hoping to get some ladies from church to jump on the band wagon with me!!